Presidential Puppy Race

About The Race

What is the Presidential Puppy Race? WALK 97.5’s Presidential Puppy Race was created to bring pets that are in need of adoption together with families looking for a loveable addition. Yes, we are using the increased awareness of the Presidential election to help call attention to the worthy cause of pet adoption, because pet adoption can change the lives of so many animals not only right here on Long Island, but everywhere. Also, it’s hard not to feel bombarded by news of the November election and while we all acknowledge the importance the election plays in our democracy, we wanted to add a little bit of fun and a lot of cuteness to the season. WALK 97.5’s Presidential Puppy Race is just for fun; there is no political agenda, none of our “candidates” make any political statements and while one puppy might win the race, we hope that all the pets at the shelter will become winners! The only way that can happen is with YOUR help. Vote below and talk to your friends and family members about WALK 97.5’s Presidential Puppy Race to help our candidates and all the other pets at the Kent Animal shelter find forever homes.

Pet Adoption Resources

If you or someone you know is considering adopting a pet, the best way to start is by getting to know more about the process and to take a look at some photos of some of the animals that are currently in need of help. You can find information on adoption and the various other ways you can help by clicking HERE.

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Presidential Puppy Race
Presidential Puppy Race


Breed: Chihuahua
Age: 3 Years Old
Weight: 23 lbs
From: Puerto Rico



Breed: Terrier/Chihuahua Mix
Age: 5 Years Old
Weight: 36.4 Lbs
From: Georgia

Presidential Puppy Race